Virtual Hotel

Virtual Hotel is a comprehensive, interactive simulation of a modern hospitality establishment, with complete reservations, front office, accounting, and statistical functions. Using progressive exercises and realistic case studies, students acquire practical automation skills, problem-solving ability, and insight into the workings of a full-service hotel or resort.

The software enables students to display room availability, book reservations, handle check-in and check-out, post room charges and credits, display room status, monitor guest balances, and generate reports.

The Reservations module is used to display room availability; book individual and group reservations; retrieve, display, and update reservation data; and display property facilities and policies.

The Front Office module is used to list scheduled arrivals; display and update room status; register guests; and display or update a guest folio.

The Accounting module is used to post room charges and tax to all guest accounts; post incidental charges, such as restaurant, lounge, and gift shop charges; display or print the daily balance of all guest accounts; produce invoices; and handle check-out.

The Reports module is used to display or print guest account balances, statistics, and revenues.

The included working data includes advance room reservations, registered guests, stored room rates and incidental charges. A detailed Student Guide includes detailed software documentation, entry guidelines, tutorials, and interactive exercises. The guide is provided in portable document file (PDF) format, and can be displayed or printed.

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