Founded in 1975, Mundus is a leading global developer and publisher of educational software, textbooks, and media for vocational training and career development, with more than 18,000 licensed sites, including colleges, universities, enterprises, and training centers in 81 countries.

Mundus Education is at the forefront of career development and training in the most desirable and relevant employment fields, providing superior content and innovative technology solutions to students, teachers, and trainers.

The customer base for Mundus products and services consists of institutional, enterprise, and private users. The institutional market includes schools, government agencies, and professional associations involved in training, communication, and assessment. Enterprise customers include for-profit training enterprises; transportation carriers; and travel offices. Private users purchase products directly from Mundus for the purpose of independent study.

Software and digital media are delivered via the internet to strategic marketing partners, institutional and enterprise clients, and end-users. Distance learning students are serviced via a virtual campus on the website, on behalf of educational institutes and training enterprises. Textbooks published on demand are marketed directly to educational customers, in both digital and print formats.

The company's proprietary technology, superior content, and employment-targeted focus set Mundus apart from other educational providers. Our passion and dedication to research, development, and implementation of cutting-edge autotutorial technologies continue to transform lives around the world.

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