Testimonials from Mundus clients

"Just wanted to let you know the new Mundus Sabre training package is fantastic! My students love it and so do I."

"I have been teaching the intro class for Sabre and Apollo here since 1989 and have been using the Mundus training programs from about 1995. I really think your product is the best I have seen."

"My students really like how much actual 'hands on' practice they get with the Mundus system. They also like to be able to test themselves using the Review section. As an instructor I appreciate the flexibility the program offers, such as having my more advanced students use the Agency section while my less adventuresome students can still keep up using the Classroom section."

"I really feel you have a superior product and we intend to keep using it."

"I have purchased Mundus for over 15 years for 3 different schools and have always trusted Mundus to be the best software available. Your outstanding customer service and quick resolution to software issues is a perfect example of your high standards."

"Virtual Hotel is a terrific learning system. I've used it for 13 years and intend to continue using it."

"Our college has been using the Mundus system since 1992. In my opinion it is the best GDS training available, by far better than the training provided by the GDS companies themselves."

"In the Hotel/Restaurant Management program we have been using Virtual Hotel for the students taking Front Office and Guests Services for the last 11 years. I have had great pleasure in the education field with the support of Mundus products and sales."

"As IT manager for Galileo, after evaluating all the programmes from the different providers, it is obvious that Mundus has the most effective product."

"Travelport has used education solutions from Mundus in Portugal for many years, with much success!"

"IATA is familiar with the Mundus programme and its effectiveness, and we are pleased to endorse it for GDS training."

"Virtual Trainer is a terrific learning system. Thank you for your support."

"The Mundus program is clearly the best way to teach GDS to new students."

"As a Sabre executive, I can say the Mundus software is the best Sabre training software I've seen."

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