Virtual Law Office

Virtual Law Office is a unique interactive simulation of a law office, with client scheduling, document, litigation, billing, payment processing, supplier, and accounts payable functions. The included exercises and case studies help students acquire practical automation skills, problem-solving ability, and insight into law office procedures.

The software enables students to schedule client appointments; create, edit, and update client records; retrieve, customize, and produce legal documents; manage litigation; perform client billing functions; post charges, payments, and disbursements; and produce accounting detail reports.

The clients module is used to create and update client records, display client lists, and access client histories and cases.

The Matters module is used to produce legal documents; manage court cases; and schedule appointments.

The Billing module is used to enter charges and fees; post payments; produce invoices; and display client account detail.

The Suppliers module is used to create and update supplier records, enter disbursements, and display supplier account detail.

The included working data includes client records, sample legal documents, litigation records, and supplier records. A detailed Student Guide includes detailed software documentation, entry guidelines, tutorials, and interactive exercises. The guide is provided in portable document file (PDF) format, and can be displayed or printed.

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